Why Not?

All of us in the region will suffer greatly if the drought continues. So when I saw this I thought why not pass it on? Share your pray for snow ritual #prayfortahoesnow

#prayfortahoesnwo (4)

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Learn How to Make Tradeshows Work for You in 2014!

Teaser---January-2014---Facebook---Editable FINAL w registration

Been wondering how to increase your sales for 2014? Tradeshows are a great way to get in person sales and leads that can fill your sales funnel for the next year! Learn “How to Make Tradeshows Work for You” during my new web series in 2014! Happy to partner with D.j. Heckes on this project. We’re ready for 2014 – are you?

Check out this promo video for our January 22 webinar – Why Tradeshow Marketing? Because Innovation is a Contact Sport

Register today! http://smb05.com/noise-behind-business 



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Marketing to Go Selects Make-A-Wish as Our Non-Profit Partner

I am excited to announce that for every new client Marketing to Go engages with in 2014 that we will make a donation to Make-A-Wish http://necannv.wish.org/.

What inspired us? The power of the wish. In a roundabout way, I was reintroduced to Make-A-Wish last year. I have been looking for an organization where I have some personal experience to make my participation more meaningful. After being a mom of a special needs child for 13 years – and a mom of two healthy boys 3 and 4 - I have seen the how my life with my daughter Piper was similar and vastly different than the one I have with all three children now. Piper and I were in out of hospitals, traveling to doctors across the country, and many of those years were spent wondering if my child was going to be with us or not. When I was introduced to Make-A-Wish I had an aha moment. Attending Waffles and Wishes last March at the Atlantis piqued my curiosity further. It dawned on me that when things were the direst with Piper, we could have been one of those families on stage receiving a wish. We didn’t seek help in any fashion or support. And I see how much the “shot in the arm” of a wish granting can lift everyone’s spirits.

And our commitment goes beyond dollars. Last week I completed training as a volunteer and as a Wish Grantor. Wish grantor volunteers interview the wish kids to determine their wishes, and then act as a liaison between the families and the Make-a-Wish staff to help make the wishes happen. Although I cannot share my experiences about the wish granting specifics because of confidentiality, I look forward to sharing anything that I can about the organization itself and its cause. For every client we engage with in 2014 we will make a donation to Make-A-Wish. We will also help to sponsor the wish granting party for the wishes in which we are involved.

2014 is already shaping up to be an awesome year. The power of the wish will be the icing on the cake. It is going to be a “two tissue boxer” at least a wish. I am sure of it.

To learn more about volunteering, visit www.necannv.wish.org/ways-to-help/volunteering.



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How Does Nature Inspire You?

Recently I have been thrown into being an interior designer for a few new personal projects. Now, I have no formal training. I definitely know what I like and don’t like. And I am very quick to judge based on intuition. In looking at colors for the new house, I am strongly drawn to purple and yellow combination. That seems rich, bright, happy and soothing. So, I did some research – because that is what I do to help support my decisions in business and personal circumstances – on the purple and yellow combination. Here is what I found:

The Color Wheel Affirms the Intuition


Take a look-see at purple on the color-wheel. See how it is directly opposite of the location of yellow on the color-wheel? The experts purport that because purple + yellow are opposite on the color-wheel, they are contrasting colors, and that they are technically called “complementary colors.” So, color theory is not totally new because I have studied it a bit for art direction on marketing projects. However, I “heard” this more clearly because I need it today. The colors that are contrasting also happen to be “complementary,” and pleasing to the eye. Great! The house will be pleasing not only to me but others! Super!

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Ask “How Would Nature Solve This?”

I went to TED to see if there was anyone else out there looking to nature to solve design issues. I found this amazing woman, Janine Benyus, a self proclaimed nature nerd. Her concept of biomimicry has galvanized scientists, architects, designers and engineers into exploring new ways in which nature’s successes can inspire humanity. Check out her video it is pretty cool. These are some of my favorite quotes from Janine:

“We live in a competent universe. We are part of a brilliant planet. We are surrounded by genius…take design advice from it…If you ever forget this remember this. This is what happens every year. This is what keeps its promise. While we are doing bail outs this is what is happening…Spring. Imagine designing spring. Imagine that orchestration…this happens every year.”

Well, my little interior design project is no where near the scope of spring, but I did think about all the purple and yellow combinations that I have found pleasing in nature. The first thing that popped into my mind was the orchid. This process reminded me that for any work project, I can look to nature for guidance. Here is my inspiration.What’s yours?


yellow and purple orchids 2

yellow and purple orchids




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Abowd & Rose Financial Group Website Collaboration

Abowd&Rose-Logo (2)

Happy to announce that our client, Abowd & Rose Financial Group, has launched their new website, the first introduction of the company’s refreshed brand identity. Marketing to Go provided operations, strategy, planning, art direction and copywriting services, including the new tagline, “Life’s worth planning.™” We were happy to work with Grind Creative for design and web programming as well as Bill West at GhostWest for copyediting.

Abowd & Rose Financial Group is a partnership lead by Eric Abowd, CFS®, CAS®, CES and Steve Rose, CFS®, who are registered representatives of and offer securities products and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Founded on the premise that life’s worth planning, Abowd & Rose Financial Group operates on an investment philosophy based on the belief that feeling good about your finances helps you feel good about life. Abowd & Rose Financial Group serves working professionals, small business owners, and people nearing or in retirement that need a consistent life planning strategy based on a diversified approach that allows for consistent returns as they build their wealth. Unlike the industry standard that focuses on ineffective and outdated product-focused strategies based on the 80′s and 90′s, the Abowd & Rose Financial Group planning model employs a refreshing yet conservative strategy that focuses on their clients’ ability to enjoy their money – and feel good about life – under all market conditions. Established in 2005 in Carson City, the company provides services in retirement, wealth, estate and insurance planning in Reno at the Bosma Center and in Carson City at 680 W. Nye Lane. For more information contact Jennifer Wells at (775) 885-8300 or visit www.abowdandrose.com .


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Happy Fifth Anniversary Reflections

In September of 2008, I started my business by accident (yes thank you Michele DeKinder-Smith for helping me discover my inner Accidental Jane).


Five years later, thanks to many of you, we have beaten the odds that say that 97% of women owned business fail within the first year. We have many of you to thank for helping us not only sustain us when we started out small, but especially since I took the business full time in 2012 and surpassed our goals for the year. I am now a Go Jane Go trying to now focus my priorities and trying to find the customers that match my values and enjoy the fun and commitment that marketing can bring to the table.


We are not alone in our quest. According to a study done by American Express Open in March of 2012, Nationally, the number of women-owned firms increased by 54% over the past 15 years. The states with the fastest growth in the number of womenowned firms during that period are: Georgia (95%), Nevada (92%), North Carolina (83%), Mississippi (75%) and Texas (75%).

Marketing to Go Has set our intentions for a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year.

Join us!

PS if you like the illustrations of the Jane types connect with Tricia Rennea Wilson our talented artist! So glad I found you Tricia – you have done great work for my clients!

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Business Owners/HR Managers Get $100 for Thoughts on Wellness Programs

Is your company interested in providing a wellness program to your employees to keep them healthy and to help reduce your group health insurance claims cost? We are looking for small/medium sized US companies who are willing to have their business owner or HR manager participate in one-on-one telephone interviews with our market research company. The interview will average 20 minutes in length and will encompass issues to consider in the decision making process for a company wellness program. To thank you for your time in completing the interview, you will receive a gift of $100 cash (check or AmEx gift card) or a $100 donation in the name of the charity of your choice.

If you are interested, please reply to this post or email Laura Furumoto at Laura@MarketingtoGoNow.com to be considered for participation. Thank you!

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DJ Heckes Debuts on SCORE’s Small Business Success Blog

Congratulations to Marketing to Go client DJ Heckes, author of Full BRAIN Marketing and CEO of EXHIB-IT Tradeshow Marketing Experts, who made her debut as March’s guest blogger on SCORE’s Small Business Success blog. DJ shares simple but powerful insights on social media, including, “Looking to find more customers? Become someone that is worth doing business with. It is about developing authority and not about being a guru. Your audience wants a smart, cool friend that understands how stuff works.”

Want more? You got it – Marketing: The Powerful Match: Social Media and Online Content.

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Client DJ Heckes to be Featured Blogger for SCORE in March 2011

Marketing to Go has secured a four guest blog series in March 2011 for our client DJ Heckes on the Small Business Success Blog of the national website for Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). DJ joins the ranks of SCORE’s high-profile guest bloggers, including Eric S. Groves Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and Innovation at Constant Contact. Her blog topics will focus on small business strategies for success in social media and online marketing:

  • Develop a Social Media Content Strategy With Metrics
  • Create Meaningful and Effective Online Content
  • The Powerful Match: Social Media and Online Content
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Blog with Inbound Links

As the blogs are published, Marketing to Go will keep you posted with shared links. Congratulations DJ on this great exposure of your knowledge that can help entrepreneurs around the country!

About DJ Heckes

DJ Heckes, owner and CEO of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts and author of Full BRAIN Marketing—for the small business, is truly passionate about two things: her clients and marketing. EXHIB-IT! is a GSA & Woman-owned small business headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. DJ started EXHIB-IT! in 2000 in her bedroom with just a computer and a telephone, and has since built a multi-million dollar company. DJ recently received the Top Performing CEO award in 2010 from NM Business Weekly. DJ’s book, Full BRAIN Marketing—for the small business – discusses how, if done properly, marketing can be accomplished more easily and with a far greater rate of success. The book reveals ways to balance traditional, digital and social media marketing to increase profitability and avoid unnecessary mistakes, obstacles and failures. 


SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small business start, grow and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE Has Helped 8.5 Million Small Businesses and is America’s premier source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs. They offer advice online and in-person at one of their 350 offices nationwide. SCORE was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Herndon, VA and Washington, DC.

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LINKS4LIVES Launches New Website Designed by Marketing to Go

LINKS4LIVES has launched its new website (www.LINKS4LIVES.org) designed by Marketing to Go. The website was developed to support a nationwide expansion of the      golf-based mentoring program that originally started in Reno in 2008 at Lakeridge Golf Course. The purpose of the project was to increase awareness of the program outside the local market and to get more Leaders Involved N Kids Scholarships (LINKS4LIVES). The website offers site visitors general program information, testimonials from past program participants and a response mechanism for visitors to receive more information on how to secure an exclusive LINKS4LIVES event for their area’s high school or golf country club.

Marketing to Go provided copywriting, art direction, and project management services for LINKS4LIVES’ brand development, logo, marketing collateral and website and engaged the following professionals to complete the project:

  • Graphic designer Karin Wilson of Wild Woman Design for brochure and website design
  • Artist and illustrator Kevn (not a typo!) Lambson of Idear Studios LLC for logo and website implementation
  • Jill Rutheford of OCG Creative for printing services

LINKS4LIVES works through the game of golf to recruit business executives as mentors of at-risk high schoolers in communities throughout the United States. Their goal is to get local Leaders Involved N Kids Scholarships (LINKS). For more information contact Jack Trainor, Executive Director, at (775) 356-5300 or e-mail jack@LINKS4LIVES.org .

Marketing to Go (www.MarketingtoGoNow.com) is a marketing consulting firm owned by Laura Furumoto, MBA. The company offers marketing services to small and medium sized companies who don’t need a full-time Marketing Director, but do need marketing to support sales and business development. Marketing to Go can be engaged on a project-by-project basis – “to go” – depending on a client’s needs and budget. With over 25 years of experience, Marketing to Go offers strategic planning, marketing, copywriting, PR and project management services to its clients nationwide.

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